Born from battle and Mayhem, these bugbears know only one thing, to destroy. Use these Bugbears on low level parties to pose as an intimidating foe, or use them in large groups against higher level parties. Bugbears are also perfect to use as the leader of a group of goblins, check out our shop for our selection of goblins. These Bugbears come in two different variants and can be bought separately, or in larger groups at discounted prices. You can specify your group composition by sending a message with your order.

The bugbear miniatures are scaled for 28mm games common in D&D, Pathfinder, and most other popular tabletop games.


The miniatures are 3D printed from high quality grey resin. This technique produces very detailed miniatures, which have been cleaned, hardened, and are ready to prime and paint.



Designed by BriteMinis


Warning Choking Hazard – Small Parts

This product contains small parts and is not suitable for children under three (3) years old.

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